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About Us:

We started as a small developing technology company.
Helping individuals design build & patent everything from Bubble scrubbing industrial stack systems, to batch gold leaching system for US and African mining batch plants. Most recent we have overseen complete engineering & design of a Tea Bottling Plant “Bhakti Chai”  Semi Automated and a Flex Packaging Plant fully automated.

We have recently concentrated our efforts and varied understanding of New Technology and knowledge towards the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic & food process equipment manufacturing & medical laboratories needs.

Understanding and engineering solutions with the newest technologies such as” Twin Screw Pump 2000 SERIES”, “Cone Agitation”, “Jet Cleaning”!! just to name a few a of the best.

Currently we are developing our own Patent Pending Hydrocarbon Essential Oil Extractor Technology ” Hyper Effusion ” and building the prototypes and production units.

We specialize In building the Newest & Engineered to the Highest standard Stainless Steel Equipment, Tanks, Custom Reactors, Components & Systems

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