1.5″ – 12″ Tri Clamp Envelope Gaskets PTFE (Teflon) PTFE X EPDM

  • Size (spec): 1.5″ – 6″
  • Style (spec): Tri-Clamp
  • Material (spec) PTFE X 316L Stainless Steel 20Uf Micron Temperature Rating (Universal): -100F to 500F
  • Gasket material approved by (3A), USDA and complies with FDA’s 21CFR177.2600 and 1550
  • Pharmaceutical Grade High Chemical & Petroleum, Acid Resistance


1.5″ – 12″  Tri Clamp Envelope Gaskets PTFE (Teflon) PTFE X EPDM Sanitary Pharmaceutical Grade High Elasticity VS PTFE Alone! IE Longer Life. FDA Certifications Provided For Both Materials

1.5″ TRI-Clamp Envelope Gasket, PTFE (TEFLON) X EPDM InternalUnflanged PTFE Envelope Gaskets with EPDM Filler provide you with the chemical versatility of a PTFE gasket but the memory and temperature ratings of the EPDM elastomer. This construction will prevent product contamination, service interruptions, and clean-up costs with running solely elastomer seals. It will also serve you better than standard PTFE Gaskets where slight misalignment of ferrules is observed. While the envelope construction does initially inhibit the creep, cold flow and leaks seen with solely PTFE gaskets, overtime those factors will appear with envelope gaskets as well. It is (GMP) Good Manufacturing Practices for food process gaskets to be replaced over a scheduled time period depending on service and material. •Gasket material approved by (3A), USDA and complies with FDA’s 21CFR177.2600 and 1550PSI Service Ratings for the sanitary clamps DO NOT APPLY to connections (1″ and above) using any PTFE gaskets, due to the potential for cold flow under normal operating conditions. PTFE gaskets, when used with any clamp, are likely to leak at pressures far below the published service ratings. This restriction does not apply to the fractionally sized 1⁄2″ and 3⁄4″ connections, due to their recessed, fully contained design. • color code: no dot 
• meets 21CFR 177.1550 
• passed U.S.P. Class VI Cytotoxicity testing 
• not recommended for use with bolted clamps Storing PTFE w/ EPDM Filler Envelope Gaskets: – Shelf Life: 10 Years from cure date – Store in original packaging in clean and dry warehouse – Do not expose to direct sunlight – Keep more than 6′ away from electric motors – Maintain temperature between 65 Deg F & 85 Deg F


1.5" Tri Clamp, 2" Tri Clamp, 2.5" Tri Clamp, 3" Tri Clamp, 4" Tri Clamp, 6" Tri Clamp, 8" Tri Clamp, 10" Tri Clamp, 12" Tri Clamp


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