1LB Active Open Blast Super Critical CO2 EXTRACTOR

Item#: CO2-0001 DISCLAIMER: This unit is intended for LEGAL purposes only, to be used in accordance with local laws and ordinances. Use only in extremely well ventilated areas. DO NOT USE INDOORS 1lb Active Open Blast Supercritical Extractor PLEASE READ INFORMATION BELOW Supercritical C02 as a solvent Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (C02) can be used as a solvent for chemical extraction of botanical materials. To achieve this, C02 must first be put into its “Supercritical” state. This is done through a combination of heat and pressure. When C02 is pressurized above 1100 psi or more, and is also heated to 88 degrees Fahrenheit or above it enters this “Supercritical” state. Supercritical C02 then dissolves the oil in the botanical material, and once it is brought out of its Supercritical state, the oil precipitates from the chemical mixture, allowing collection of the oil while the C02 returns to its gaseous state at standard atmospheric pressure. C02 Supply You must use a 50 lb. C02 tank with a dip tube. The pump works most efficiently with liquid so a dip tube is required. You will notice when your C02 supply has become low on liquid when the C02 input line becomes hot to the touch. It is recommended to change to a new tank at this point. The pump will have a constant and fast stroke when your C02 supply is completely depleted. Use proper caution when moving high pressure C02 tanks.

Maximum Operating Pressure 3000 psi
Recommended Operating Pressure 800-2500 psi
C02 Pump Maximum Input Pressure 150 psi
C02 Pump Recommended Input Pressure 130 psi
Recommended Chiller 6000 Series Chiller by PolyScience
Maximum Chiller Temperature 122 degrees Fahrenheit
Recommended Chiller Temperature 98-106 degrees Fahrenheit
Material Column Maximum Pressure Rating 6000 psi
Material Column Capacity 1 lb. (depending on material consistency)
Separation Column Maximum Pressure rating 600 psi
Recommended Separation Column Operating Pressure 400+ psi
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