2″ Package Of (5) Tri Clamp Silicone (BLUE) Gaskets

Product: Package of (5) High Quality Gaskets!

Style: 2″ Tri Clamp Style Connection

Material: (Blue) FDA Tested Food Grade Silicon For Easy Identification

Use Color To Distinguishes Different Process Systems ( STOP CROSS CONTAMINATION OF PRODUCTS)

Easy Identify & Locate When In Buckets Of Cleaning Solution During COP


2″ Package Of (5) Tri Clamp Silicone (BLUE) Gaskets

ARTESIAN SYSTEMS has experience in the providing of precision cut and molded silicone rubber gaskets and seals for a wide range of industries and applications. Food Grade Silicone rubber is a high-performance elastomer with exceptional resistance to temperature extremes. Silicone molded and die cut gaskets remain functional within a temperature range of -67°F to +400°F, intermittent to +450°F. The low temperature flexibility of silicone is unmatched by any other elastomer. Silicone gaskets are often chosen due to their excellent resistance to chemicals, water, fire, fungal growth, ozone, heat and aging. Silicone has outstanding tensile strength, elongation, tear strength, and compression set. The versatility and long service life of silicone make it ideal for a wide variety of applications. FDA & USP Class VI and 3A Sanitary Standards Compliant Artesian Gaskets can be used in SIP systems up to 128º C and the vast majority of CIP systems. For WFI systems a maximum temperature of 80°C is recommended. Artesian Gaskets are a BLUE silicone material. It has a hardness of 70 durometer making it suitable for a wide variety of sealing applications.


1.5" TRI CLAMP, 2" TRI Clamp, 2.5" TRI Clamp, 3" TRI Clamp, 4" TRI Clamp, 6" TRI Clamp


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