2″ TriClamp BUNA-N Screen Gasket 150 Mesh (100 Micron)

Item#: 2-gasket-150mesh MADE IN THE U.S.A Note: ‘Cinnamon’ Smelling Gaskets are Chinese made and are not standardized or regulated Disclaimer: Best Value Vacs Recommends no more than a -40F Operating Temperature and is not responsible for the user running their system with incompatible chemicals Why BUNA-N over Viton?

  • Lower Temperature Range
  • Lower Costs
  • Better Compressibility and Springiness
  • Excellent Resistance to Major/Popular Solvents(Butane/Propane)
  • Better Tear Resistance
  • Better Abrasion Resistance


  • Material: BUNA-N(Nitrile)
  • Conformance: FDA Compliant / Meets 3A Standards
  • Fits 2″ Tri-Clamp
  • Thermal Properties:
    • Low Temperature Range: -70F
    • Minimum for Continuous Use(Static): -40F
    • Brittle Point: -70F
    • High Temperature Range: +210F to +250F
    • Maximum for Continous Use(Static): +250F
  • Gas Permeability: Excellent
  • Durometer or Hardness Range: 20-95 Shore A
  • Tensile Strength Range: 200-3,500 PSI
  • Elongation Range(%): 350%-650%
  • Abrasion Resistance: Excellent
  • Tear Resistance: Excellent
  • Resilience / Rebound: Good

Chemical Compatibility

Alcohols: Amyl B – Good
Alcohols: Benzyl D – Severe Effect
Alcohols: Butyl C – Fair
Alcohols: Diacetone D – Severe Effect
Alcohols: Ethyl C – Fair
Alcohols: Hexyl A – Excellent
Alcohols: Isobutyl B – Good
Alcohols: Isopropyl B – Good
Alcohols: Methyl A – Excellent
Alcohols: Octyl B – Good
Alcohols: Propyl A – Excellent
Butane A – Excellent
Propane (liquefied) A – Excellent


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