High Pressure 12″ Tri Clamp SS304

Item#: hp-12clamp Artesian Systems recommends to tighten all High Pressure to 20-30LBS of torque With food grade Anti Seize. We do not recommend tightening high pressure bolts with an impact gun because this may cause threads to jump or be marred which can cause failure of the bolt or seal. Specifications:

  • Triclamp Size: 12″
  • Material: Stainless Steel 304 Grade
  • Maximum Pressure @ 70F 150 PSI
  • Maximum Pressure @ 250F 100 PSI
  • Weight: 7LB

Disclaimer to Customer: User assumes all responsibility and risks of the system for all Stainless Steel Parts bought separately to piece together a Closed Loop, Closed Column, or Open Blast Extractor. They DO NOT come with a standard 1 year system warranty, customer assistance on how to run your system, technical help or a guarantee of the system being tested.



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