J-KEM DVR-200 Digital Vacuum Regulator

J-KEM DVR-200 Digital Vacuum Regulator

Item#: DVR-200

Digital Vacuum Regulator ∙ 120 Vac ∙ Catalog# DVR-200
An ideal instrument for laboratory vacuum regulation.

Connect the regulator to any vacuum pump or vacuum source and then to any piece of equipment to regulate pressure in most cases to ± 1 torr.

A pressure ramp feature evacuates equipment at a user defined rate to eliminate bumping due to solvent degassing or over-evacuation.

The vacuum regulator is ideally suited for large volume distillations, rotary evaporators and vacuum chambers.

Recover > 99% of solvent from rotary evaporators


NO Mercury

100% digital pressure entry and control

Wetted parts are 100% stainless steel and Teflon

Vacuum ramping feature eliminates bumping

USB port and free software for PC control

Resists: All organic solvents Acids Bases Water




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