(3) Pack 25# High Purity USA Sourced Mixed Solvent (2) or (3) Part Mixes. ISO-BUTANE, N-BUTANE & INSTRUMENT-PROPANE FREE SHIPPING (USA) Guaranteed 99.5%

(3) Bottles 25# House Mixed Butane Buy (2) Get the 3rd For Less Than Refill Cost!

(3) BOTTLES FREE SHIPPING 25# High Purity USA Sourced Mixed Solvent (2) or (3) Part Mixes. ISO-BUTANE, N-BUTANE & INSTRUMENT-PROPANE  FREE SHIPPING (USA) 


DISCLAIMER: This unit is intended for LEGAL purposes only, to be used in accordance with local laws and ordinances. Use only in WELL VENTILATED AREAS!


Refills Can be purchased threw The “Refill Tanks” Here on Artesian Systems

Custom Blends On Request:

House Blend #1=70% Butane/30% Propane 20 lbs.

House Blend #2=60% Butane/22% IsoButane/18% Propane 20 lbs.

*Tank Is Fitted With A Polymer Liquid Dip Tube For More Complete Tank Draining Without Turing Upside Down!

* Free Return Shipping ON ALL REFILLS!

*Tanks Are Rinsed At Regular Intervals For Completely Pure Product.

*Cylinder is fitted with a 1/4″ male SAE flare fitting on the valve assembly.

*Actual MIXED SOLVENT liquid weight is 20LB/9.07KG

*Holds the equivalent of (60) 10 oz cans of SOLVENT.

*This product is clean, colorless and odorless.

*Free of any hydrogen Sulphide based Ethyl Mercaptan Odorants.

*Due to FAA regulation solvent tanks cannot be safely transported via means other than by ground. If combined with additional items in an order, the tank will ship ground at no additional cost to the consumer. We will not refund express shipping charges if the tank arrives after the primary order arrives. Safety First!


This is for (3) Tanks!!

Custom Blend Options On Request!


Fitted with a 1/4” male SAE  fitting on the valve assembly.


Blend#1 25# 70% Butane+30% Propane= 20 lbs.

Blend#2 25# 60% Butane+22% IsoButane+18% Propane= 20 lbs Solvent.



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