Machine Design and Prototyping - Artesian Systems | Engineering, Machining, Services
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Machining Design and Prototyping

  • CNC Lathe and Milling Services, Inconel all grades, Stainless all grades, Hastaloy, A200, Carbon all grades, aluminum all grades and other specialty alloys and composite materials on request. High Quality and reliable turnaround times with production Capabilities & prototyping Capabilities .
  • Complete reverse engineering and machining & manufacturing of complex machined and or welded parts and components.
  • 2D Design, Auto Cad, Plasma Tables 5’ X 12’
  • 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping & Concept Design.
  • Welding and refurbishing of Sanitary and Bio Pharma Equipment. Fillers Liquid or powder, tablet presses, Encapsulators, Ribbon Blenders.
  • Complete Passivation of components when required.
  • Pump Rebuilding Welding & Machining Centrifugal, PD, Vacuum Pumps & High Shear Mixers

Services, Engineering, and Process Controls

  • Food and Pharmaceutical Process Design P&IDs;, Orthographic, Isometric Drawings. Complete Process Plant Piping and Structural Design & Build.
  • CIP systems, Batching Tank & Mixing Systems, Boiler systems, USP-32, D-ionized and RO Water Systems, Softeners and Carbon filters, O3 injection. Pasteurizers Plate and Frame or Triple tube. V-Blenders. Ribbon Blenders, Vacuum Mixing & process chambers. OEM
  • Structural Design process platforms, process equipment stands. Stamped Engineered Drawings on Request
  • Custom Jacketed and Not. Food Process Tank design and build. Section VIII Division 1 Build Capabilities. Bio Pharma Process Tank Build.
  • Structural Load, Wind and Seismic load Analysis & Engineered remedies on request. California Stamped Drawings
  • Heat Exchanger Design and build Section VIII Division 1 vessel and reactor building. ISO9001 Approved
  • Passivation process design and implementation for piping systems or process equipment.
  • Pre-pickling prior to Passivation for Increased thickness and consistency of chromium oxide layer.
  • Fully and Semi Automated Plant System Design with Data collection and Recording. HMI touch screen operation. OEM
  • Complete control cabinet design and build with PLC programing UL Listed Designs and Builds. Onsite integration with Old and New systems. OEM
  • Complete Custom Liquid Filler & Nozzle Replacement Design OEM
  • Custom Food Process Flow Plate Design OEM
  • Custom Product Recovery System design & builds OEM
  • Magnetic Food Process Traps with low restriction OEM

Training and Consultation

  • Process system Upgrades SOP Formulation Pharmaceutical, Nutracudical, Food and Beverage Cosmetic
  • Production & Process Assessments & Resolutions Pharmaceutical, Nutracudical, Food and Beverage Cosmetic
  • Food, Beverage & Cosmetic. Process System CIP Cleaning assessments & Testing & Resolutions
  • Hyper Effusion Extractor Training, Quality and Product Type production.
  • CO2 Extractor Operator Training and SOP formulation
  • Ethanol Oil Refining Training and SOP formulation
  • BHO Extraction Efficiency and product quality training Any Extractor Type
  • Live Plant Extraction Training and SOP formulation
  • Pen Oil Production Development
  • High Shear Infusion Process Design
  • Turpen Recovery Designs